Saturday, January 2, 2010

Now I Understand the Hype...

...of the Twilight movie! I managed to avoid it for over a year, but finally gave in a couple of weeks ago. During the weeks before Thanksgiving, my 70-year-old dad heard so much about New Moon on TV and said that he wanted to see it because "everyone's saying it's good". Being that he's pretty incapacitated and knowing that it would have been quite an effort for him to leave the house and sit through an entire movie for 2 hours, my sisters and I had the idea of renting Twilight for him to watch at home, to give him an idea of what New Moon would be like. I looked and looked, and I couldn't find Twilight for rent anywhere (OK, I didn't actually check any video rental store because I don't want to have to monitor membership status, rental fees, etc...I'm trying to cut back on bills to keep track of). Then, when I happened to be at Wal-Mart a couple of weeks ago, I decided to purchase the DVD. Knowing I'd have a few days off because of the Christmas and New Year's holidays, I figured I'd have time to view it. So today, after running a few errands, I returned to my parents' home to care for my dad, and during some down time, I popped Twilight in. From the opening scene, I was hooked!

For over a decade and just as recently as 2 days ago, I had been repeating that I would never go back to high school, not even if I were paid, but after seeing this movie, I don't know about that anymore. Don't we all dream of being Bella Swan? The new beautiful girl who is wanted by the best-looking boy at school who would do anything to protect her?

OK, I'll modify my stance: I'll go back to high school...if I would be Bella =)


erin said...

laugh, i totally dream of being bella swan. it's a bit of a conundrum, because if a friend told me in real life she was dating this great guy who watched her while she slept and wanted to drink her blood i'm sure i wouldn't have such positive reactions ;-)

The Drama Queen said...

LOL...It's all about the fantasy, isn't it, Erin?