Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Bid You, My Readers and Followers, Adieu for Now...

...and I bid the unnecessary drama Adieu forever! I love drama like a true drama queen does, but even I have my limits.

Hello, everyone! Big shout out to my followers! I have a new one...yessssss!

I have been incredibly busy, getting ready for my trip. I can't believe I allowed myself to get into some online drama on a public forum I once again decline to name. Why is it that it that the people who are hell-bent on convincing others that they don't care about you talk about you the most? Some people just need to have the last word, no matter what. You write them off and tell them they're written off, and they continue to run their mouth. There is no place for those people in my life. I'm way too busy to even figure out how they find the time. Life's too short to get into drama with people you'll never even meet in real life.

Oh, well. I will bottle up this drama and throw the bottle into the recyclables bin. It's over.

xoxo to all my followers and readers. As of the end of this paragraph, I will be going offline for the next 10 days. Tomorrow, I will be flying to Europe and taking on new adventures, seeing places that I would otherwise only dream of.

Speaking of dreams, I wish every one of you sweet ones tonight and every night.