Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Movie-Filled Weekend (Spoiler Alert for those of You Who Haven't Seen Eclipse)!

Another weekend update...

I'll begin with the pre-weekend festivities yet again. Those of you who know me know that I actually prefer to stay home on weekend nights, so the actual bar/restaurant thing usually happens during the daytime on weekends or weeknights.

Thursday, 7/22: After lunch, I made my way from the parking lot into my building. I was dressed pretty plainly, in a James Perse V-neck, jeans, and flipflops. A patient in a wheelchair was passing by, then he looked at me and said, "Miss?". I responded, "Yes?". Then, he said, "Wow! You're so beautiful!". I couldn't believe it, so I just laughed and said thanks, of course. Hah, J! Guess what else I was wearing? My big sunglasses (by Chanel)! J. had earlier told me that guys assume that girls who wear big sunglasses have something to hide, so their "hotness" score drops by 2 points (I'll explain to those of you who ask). Anyway, I went with some gals to Gyu-Kaku for a happy hour meal. It's sooo not worth it. You have to spend a minimum of $15/person to be charged the happy hour prices (which is about half the regular price), so unless you eat a lot, you may as well just go with the regular menu. But the company (and the kalbi beef with lettuce) was good. I'm so glad I stuck to my "diet". I'm not really on one, just trying to cut calories and carbs. It's working, as my clothes are feeling looser these days =)

Friday, 7/23: Pay day. I also watched an Argentine film, Los Secrets de Sus Ojos (The Secrets of Their Eyes). It's a great film about a detective who writes a novel about a rape/murder case that's on his mind for 25 years. Kinda scary, but I tend to like darker films. I went with a group I met online. So nice to meet new people.

Saturday, 7/24: I met up with my friend TC who helped me score some shoes from Asia! They were shoes I wanted for some time, and they turned out to be on sale! I was sooo excited! Oh, and we also went to Barneys to try on some shoes. He scored a very unique pair of men's Louboutins, but I refrained from making a purchase (other than my sale score). I need to stay focused. It's just a week before Vegas and 3 months before Spain! To tide me over, I bought some goodies from Famous Cupcakes (owned by the Kardashians) and Millions of Milkshakes (a celebrity-themed sweet shack, which no celebrity actually enters, unless they're promoting their own drink named after themselves).

from Asia: Christian Louboutin lavender Poseidons (I waited months for you)!

Sunday, 7/25: I went from seeing no movies for a year to seeing one every couple of months to seeing 2 in one weekend. I decided to catch Eclipse, the 3rd movie of the Twilight series. It came out a month ago, but none of my friends or family wanted to see it, so I gave up and went to see it alone. This is the 2nd time I've gone to a movie alone, and you know what? It's not that bad. It's nothing to be ashamed of. I heard that there are a lot of people who actually prefer to see movies alone. I agree with the critics. It's the best one of all 3, very romantic and action-packed, with cool special effects. And I had a change of heart as a result of this 3rd movie. I was rooting for Edward since the 1st movie. In fact, Robert Pattinson is on my wallpaper on my computer. After learning that Bella would have to completely change herself and leave her family behind to be with Edward but wouldn't have to with Jacob, I think Jacob's the better choice. Jacob proved his love to her by putting his life on the line, even though he knew there was a big chance she'd still choose Edward (and did). And yes, that warm and hot bod add to his case, too!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Chanel Nail Polish, the Ultimate Filler During My Self-Imposed Ban

After a shoe purchase made for me via a friend who traveled to Asia (arriving this weekend!), I decided to refrain from buying any big ticket items for 3 months, starting 8/4/10. Technically, I could make as many of those purchases as I want this week, but decided to start early (unless something really catches my eye in Las Vegas, where I'll be from 8/1/10 to 8/4/10).

What to do in the meantime? Find a worthy splurge. There are so many, but one I particularly enjoy buying is Chanel nail polish. I picked up Nouvelle Vague a few weeks ago and loved it--it's too bad they were sold out by the time I caught on. I got the last bottle from Neiman Marcus Topanga.

Yesterday, as I was reading Allure, I came across an article in the magazine devoted to the cult following of Chanel nail polish, which is where I learned about Paradoxal (see pic above and to the right-sorry it's sideways, I don't know how to fix it). It's a gorgeous dark purple, featured in the new campaign. So after work today, I went back to Neiman Marcus Topanga and saw that it was gone. I hurried across the mall to Macy's, where they had 3 bottles remaining. I snatched up 2 and was talked into also buying Inimitable mascara. It's actually the answer to my problems-long lashes that just need to be separated! No wonder my friend MK loves it!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

How to Preserve Your Christian Louboutin Trademark Red Soles

What is it about Christian Louboutin shoes that I love so much? Let me count the ways...I could go on forever, but I won't. One of them, however, is that extra boost of confidence I get from donning them. I actually don't mind the stares when I wear them. I love flashing the trademark red sole, and I'm fascinated whenever I see that sole flashing on a TV screen or on the streets. I'd get giddy with excitement every single second I'd be wearing a pair...then I would go home, take them off, and say "ugh" when I look at the sole (particuarly after the first wear), scratched up and dirty. Well, they are shoes, and they do touch the ground and carry a person's entire body weight. I had no choice but to sigh and come to that realization. However, that doesn't happen anymore...

Why not? What did I do? I got red rubber soles to put over the scratched and dirty part! Sounds easy? It's really not. Number one, you have to find a cobbler that'll actually have them and will actually put them on. Either that, or buy them yourself (from trusted sellers on ebay, from the manufacturers themselves, or elsewhere). Second, you gotta trust them. 2, maybe 3, steps. But step #2 (or #3) isn't easy at all. I thought I found one with Shoe Lab in the Topanga Plaza, but they turned out to be absolutely no good! I'd taken some shoes to them previously to have the red rubber soles put on. They did a decent job for about 3 pairs I took in, for the hefty price of $45/pair (but they did them in an hour and a half each, so I didn't mind at the time). Then they f___ked up a pair by doing only the center and leaving the edges untouched, leaving my (signed!) red lizard Simple pumps to be scratched up at the parts not soled! I stupidly gave them another chance, and they got paint on my poor perle Poseidon sequins! I was so devastated and couldn't bear to look at them that I sold them at a loss. What to do about all the other pairs that still had scratched-up and dirty soles?

Then, after searching on The Purse Forum, I found Eddie. He saved 5 pairs of my Christian Louboutins that I scratched up. He added red soles (by Vibram) and replaced the heel tips...for $36/pair! And he even secured the beautiful brooch on my now-rare-yet-much-coveted purple Fiorellino sandals...for free (pictured left)! It's been just over a week that I started a "relationship" with him, but I'm in love with him (not literally, of course, LOL).

And guess what?...I'm visiting the Christian Louboutin boutique in Las Vegas during the first week of August! And it gets even better!! Why? Because...I'm going to Europe again...this fall!!! I'll be visiting Spain, Portugal, and France! Unfortunately, I won't be going to Paris =(...but I'll be in Madrid, for sure...the city in which the newest Christian Louboutin store opened!