Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Chanel Nail Polish, the Ultimate Filler During My Self-Imposed Ban

After a shoe purchase made for me via a friend who traveled to Asia (arriving this weekend!), I decided to refrain from buying any big ticket items for 3 months, starting 8/4/10. Technically, I could make as many of those purchases as I want this week, but decided to start early (unless something really catches my eye in Las Vegas, where I'll be from 8/1/10 to 8/4/10).

What to do in the meantime? Find a worthy splurge. There are so many, but one I particularly enjoy buying is Chanel nail polish. I picked up Nouvelle Vague a few weeks ago and loved it--it's too bad they were sold out by the time I caught on. I got the last bottle from Neiman Marcus Topanga.

Yesterday, as I was reading Allure, I came across an article in the magazine devoted to the cult following of Chanel nail polish, which is where I learned about Paradoxal (see pic above and to the right-sorry it's sideways, I don't know how to fix it). It's a gorgeous dark purple, featured in the new campaign. So after work today, I went back to Neiman Marcus Topanga and saw that it was gone. I hurried across the mall to Macy's, where they had 3 bottles remaining. I snatched up 2 and was talked into also buying Inimitable mascara. It's actually the answer to my problems-long lashes that just need to be separated! No wonder my friend MK loves it!

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