Friday, March 25, 2011

Time for Another Update

Sorry about all the ranting lately. From those, you might not have guessed, but honestly, my life is pretty sweet right now. Not to say that there's nothing to bitch about. There always is, but I choose to ignore those things because if I didn't, I wouldn't feel grateful for the good stuff. First, I got a promotion. The promotion doesn't alter my job description or title one bit. However, I did get a raise to go with it. Yay! Second, I'm losing weight. I now am at the same weight I was in graduate school. At this time of year in 2008, I was 20 pounds heavier. I was able to put on a very old pair of Seven jeans last week, and I even had a little room in the waistband. Thank God I decided to hold onto those. And the best part is that my weight loss didn't involve any gym visits. I just pared down my life so it was less stressful and ate a little less. I didn't even give up any foods. I still eat the junk I love (pasta, ice cream, soda, cupcakes, etc.), I just don't crave it as much. My butt is smaller, but still has that feminine, round shape. Go, me! Third...I don't want to jinx anything, but if it's truly meant to be, I wouldn't be able to jinx it anyway. I've met 2 new great guys. And no, there's no playa-playa stuff going on. I'm simply keeping my options open. Being in my 30s has opened my eyes to the fact that life is short and there's plenty of fish in the sea. In my 20s, I would start something with a guy, then wait and see if he was interested, barring other guys from having a chance. It didn't work. It's simple, really: if someone wants to meet with you, they'll find their way to you, no effort needed on your part. I noticed that the 3 good things going on in my life right now are a result of a new behavior: letting go. I haven't tried for any of the 3 things. I simply decided to just go about my business and not worry so much, and they just happened. And I'm truly happier.

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Drama Queen Hawaii

Besides drama and shoes, the Drama Queen loves to travel. I got to travel again, this time to Hawaii. The reason was for my mother's 70th birthday. She didn't want a party celebrating her entrance into her 8th decade of life, so she decided that she wanted the family to vacation in Hawaii instead. I haven't been there since I was a little girl, so I was due for another visit. This time, thanks to my awesome younger sister, I got to stay with her at the breathtaking Hilton Hawaiian Village, in the very popular Waikiki area of Honolulu. We were able to get a room in the Rainbow Tower, which overlooks the beach. Check out the view from our room!

As I like to engage in local culture on every trip, a luau was in order. We went to one at our hotel, which consisted of dances from various parts of Polynesia. The finale dance consisted of 4 guys literally playing with fire!

Of course, for the Drama queen, no trip is complete without shopping. I visited the Ala Moana Center, home to shops of many high-end fashion houses, like Hermes, Gucci, and Dior. I looked for a pair of Christian Louboutins, as I've done on each trip during the last couple of years, but the only store that had them was Neiman Marcus, and I didn't see anything I really wanted.

I did, however, buy myself a new bag from Louis Vuitton, one of which was conveniently located on the grounds of the Hilton Hawaiian Village. It holds a special meaning for me. You see, almost 3 years ago, my home was robbed. One of the items stolen from my home was a Louis Vuitton white multicolor pochette. It was one of the first items I bought when I started making money, a celebration item. One of the things I loved most about that bag was the soft red suedelike lining. A darling sales associate patiently showed me about 20 bags until I found the one I thought was right for me. I was pretty sure about it, but decided to wait on my decision to pull the trigger. I returned with my sister the next day, and the SA again showed me the bags. My sister, whose taste I trust dearly, wasn't feeling the bag I picked out the previous day. Then the SA brought out a bag he hadn't shown me, and she exclaimed that it was the right bag. I slung it over my shoulder and carried it around the store and decided she was right. And I looked inside and realized that it had that suedelike red lining (the one I originally wanted didn't). I thought about buying a replacement for my stolen white multicolor pochette, but the reality is that I'm no longer that 20-something carefree girl I was when I bought it. I had nights of clubbing and bar-hopping with it tucked under my arm back then. And now I'm a 30-something, and the clubbing/bar-hopping scene is no longer for me. I need a bag I can take to work and to a weekend luncheon with friends, and the pochette isn't one. So now, I'm the proud owner of a Saleya.

Did I bring home anything else? Of course! I bought a couple of pieces that truly reminded me of Hawaii. I bought a coral floral (heehee-that rhymes) tube dress. I know they may look little-girlish, but I've been wanting one for the last few years, and what better place to buy than Hawaii?! I also bought a gorgeous 1960s-ish white dress with ruffle trim. I'd never bought anything from a hotel clothing store, but I couldn't help thinking about how beautiful it was and that it was a piece I'd also been looking for for a while. It was just like that scene in the Madeleine Wickham book, Sleeping Arrangements, where the main character, Chloe, wanders into a little shop in Spain and just decided to plunk down some money on a dress that just made her feel so feminine and sexy. I tried on the white dress and was surprised at how much I loved how I look in it, despite it being short and me never wearing minis. I probably paid too much for it, but I knew that if I didn't take it home with me, I'd regret it later. And of course, the obligatory chocolates with macadamia nuts! A true Hawaiian souvenir, I bought a case of 6 boxes. I really shouldn't be eating sweets, but souvenirs just have to be an exception ;)