Friday, March 25, 2011

Time for Another Update

Sorry about all the ranting lately. From those, you might not have guessed, but honestly, my life is pretty sweet right now. Not to say that there's nothing to bitch about. There always is, but I choose to ignore those things because if I didn't, I wouldn't feel grateful for the good stuff. First, I got a promotion. The promotion doesn't alter my job description or title one bit. However, I did get a raise to go with it. Yay! Second, I'm losing weight. I now am at the same weight I was in graduate school. At this time of year in 2008, I was 20 pounds heavier. I was able to put on a very old pair of Seven jeans last week, and I even had a little room in the waistband. Thank God I decided to hold onto those. And the best part is that my weight loss didn't involve any gym visits. I just pared down my life so it was less stressful and ate a little less. I didn't even give up any foods. I still eat the junk I love (pasta, ice cream, soda, cupcakes, etc.), I just don't crave it as much. My butt is smaller, but still has that feminine, round shape. Go, me! Third...I don't want to jinx anything, but if it's truly meant to be, I wouldn't be able to jinx it anyway. I've met 2 new great guys. And no, there's no playa-playa stuff going on. I'm simply keeping my options open. Being in my 30s has opened my eyes to the fact that life is short and there's plenty of fish in the sea. In my 20s, I would start something with a guy, then wait and see if he was interested, barring other guys from having a chance. It didn't work. It's simple, really: if someone wants to meet with you, they'll find their way to you, no effort needed on your part. I noticed that the 3 good things going on in my life right now are a result of a new behavior: letting go. I haven't tried for any of the 3 things. I simply decided to just go about my business and not worry so much, and they just happened. And I'm truly happier.


Oh Mon Dieu! said...

I'm so happy to hear all is going fabulously in your life R! Miss our lunches and shopping trips!

Anonymous said...

Many congrats to you! Best of luck with the men!

The Drama Queen said...

Thanks to you both for your good wishes!

T, I miss you soooo much! I hope you're having just as sweet a time in Paris (I'm sure it's VERY sweet--lucky you!).