Friday, May 25, 2012

Do You Believe Your Astrological Sign Reflects Who You Really Are?

I've been thinking about this question a lot.

Here's a description of my sign (from
"Intense, complicated and unpredictable – a Scorpio woman revels in all these qualities. Most of all she likes being in control of her own destiny and of her relationship. She is unapologetic about her own powerful persona and in fact is attracted to the same kind of self-assurance and magnetism in others. A Scorpio woman is in search of a man who is confident and strong enough to take her for what she is and expects nothing less".

Take away from this what you will ;)

Happy Memorial Day, everybody!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Drama Queen's Collection of Nudes

Nude what? Paintings? Scupltures? Photos? This is me, so what do you think we're talking about here? Shoes, of course! What kind of shoes? Again, this is me, so we're talking about Christian Louboutins. Nude Christian Louboutins!
Most people don't bat an eye on a shoe collection that is 50% or more black. In these people's minds, black is the most practical color. I, however, think nude is. You can wear a nude shoe with any color clothing, and it doesn't look as harsh with light colored clothing as black does. I don't think anyone does a better nude shoe than Christian Louboutin. Fortunately, for me, the nude patent leather used by CL goes pretty well with my skin color. So why not invest in a nude CL shoe collection, and why not post it here?
First, I'll post solos of my newest addition, the Lady Peep, added today. When it first came out a couple of years ago or so, I passed, thinking it looked too much like the Very Prive, of which I already had a nude pair. Then, several months later, I visited the Robertson boutique and discussed the matter with my fave sales associate. I told her my thoughts on it, and she suggested I try the LP because it had a different look. I put my name down for it, but being that I rarely pay for an item without seeing it first, I likely got bumped down under another customer who requested my size but reserved with a credit card. Fast-forward months after that, and I saw them at the South Coast boutique. I tried them on in my usual CL size, 38, but my heels slipped when I walked in them. I tried them in a 37.5, and voila! They were soooo sexy, and my friend M., who was with me that day, agreed. I nearly plunked down my credit card to buy them, but I just couldn't spend the money at the time. A few days ago, I got notification of new styles from my SA at the Horatio boutique in New York. I replied to her text, asking her to let me know when they received the nude LP in 37.5. She replied that they were in her store, in my size! Aaaahhh! I knew I had to act fast cuz I know this is an in-demand style. After a lot of back-and-forth, they were on their way to me. By the way, I highly recommend that if you're planning on buying a classic CL style, buy it as soon as you can afford to. The prices go up on most styles yearly, usually increasing by about $50. The Lady Peep originally cost $895. I bought it for $945. I bought the Bianca when it was $735, back in 2010. Now it costs $845!
By the way, UPS has a new service called "My UPS". I highly recommend it. I used to dread having stuff shipped by UPS cuz, in the past, they refused to hold packages. Being that I'm rarely at home, I always missed the delivery and had to wait for the package to be delivered to the customer service center so I could pick it up there. One time, about 6 years ago, I waited at the center for 3 hours...on a Friday night! And the UPS employees were so rude. I wanted to leave, but I was waiting for a Hermes bag, so I decided to tough it out. I always thought it was stupid UPS wouldn't hold packages cuz it was actually more convenient for them. Anyway , with "My UPS", you can request the package to be held at the center. If you pay a $5 fee, you can request a different shipping date or address. If you pay a $40 yearly fee, those requests are free. Anyway, the UPS customer service center in my area is 2 miles from my work, so as soon as lunchtime rolled around, I hopped in my car. Totally different experience this time! There was no line, and the guy who helped me was so nice! He read the return label, then said, "Where's this from? Let me see if I can pronounce this right. Christian Louboutin?". He pronounced the name perfectly and smilingly remarked that it was due to his 3 years of high-school French. Then he said, "I've seen that before. What is that? Jewelry? Clothes?". I answered, "Shoes", then he said, "Oh", and smiled.
I read the reviews on, and most of the posters recommended buying the shoe in a bigger size, but I'm wondering if they mean buying the shoe in a size bigger than your normal US size. Like most women, my US size is smaller than my CL size (7.5 vs. 8 in CL, or European 38). However, like I wrote above, the 37.5 was the perfect size for me in this style (my feet are sort of on the narrow side). Keep in mind that patent stretches a little, so it's good to buy patent shoes in the tightest size you can bear. And with the 150mm (almost 6") heel, you don't want any heel slippage!
Also included, of course, are the other 3 members of the nudes collection: satin Youpli, Bianca, Very Prive with red tip. I also included a comparison toe pic of the VP with the LP, just to show you the difference: the LP has a little more lift with the higher platform and extra half-platform.
Hello to my newest follower, Girlie Shoppe!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Rebecca Taylor Dress Makes a TV Appearance..

on "Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23". It was worn by Dreama Walker's character, June, in episode 104. In this episode, June is freaking out over knowing that she'll see her ex at a friend's upcoming wedding, so Krysten Ritter's character, Chloe, tries to train her to be more confident. June shows up to the wedding, where she indeed runs into her ex, wearing my dress! It looks good on her. It's a sexy dress, but not too much, I think. Alas, I've yet to don the dress myself. I don't know about you, but I feel kind of funny wearing the exact version of a dress that's already made an appearance on TV, in a movie, or on a red carpet. Oh, well, maybe in a few months or so, I won't feel that way. Here's the pic of the dress from the episode:
Here's a pic of me in the dress:
It's the same pic from 2012 entry #1.