Saturday, January 8, 2011


I had a particularly rough Friday (yesterday). I nearly cried, as I always do when I find that the loyalty I give to my friends isn't returned. Late that afternoon, I just suddenly had this urge to get a mani/pedi. Fortunately, there's a nail salon by my house that does a quick, yet thorough job for just $20, so I ended up there. I was settled on black (to go with my mood), but then saw this gorgeous deep slightly shimmery burgundy. The sticker on the OPI bottle that has the color name was peeled off, so I can't be sure, but I believe I've had this color before and it's called "Midnight in Moscow".

I was still feeling rotten today, so as I settled into my Saturday night routine of watching "48 Hours Mystery" (I see absolutely no point in celebrating the weekend in Hollywood with the crowds and receiving bad service in restaurants on these nights), I decided to play with my new babies, my Christian Louboutin black Clou Noeud platforms, with the 150 mm heel. I normally wear a 38.5 in CL slingbacks, but these are a 39. They're actually doable, but I put some gel pads that I picked up at Walgreens inside them just to make them fit a little better, and they do. I hate to reveal the sources of my purchases publicly, but I got these on sale! I had been told by a very rude Christian Louboutin Miami staff member that they sold out more than 3 months ago (I'm NEVER buying anything from there-he was sooooo rude in the way he spoke to me), but they turned up somewhere else, and now they're mine! I put them on today and posed with them (I even did the pose inspired by Lovely&Amazing from tpf), and I just felt so bad-a$z wearing them, even in my $4 sweatpants purchased from KMart LOL.

Ah, the transformations made possible through the simple action of putting on a shoe...
the 2011 Holiday guide of Guitar World (former Playboy model/ex-girlfriend of Hugh Hefner/reality TV star/Las Vegas performer Holly Madison wears my shoes!)