Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Early Days of My 30s....

So it's Day #34 of the 4th decade of my life (ages 0-9 count as decade #1). What's happened to me since Day #1? Hmm...where to start? What I will warn you about, though, is that what actually happened is far more exciting than the way it looks when written.

Of course, the topic turns to my hair again! I decided that I have evolved, and I wanted my look to reflect that, so I "went for it". I had my trustworthy hairdresser lop off about another foot (and about 5 lb) of hair on Day #9, and I had him touch up my red highlights to "as bold as I can go without looking like those girls who work at Hot Topic" (for my foreign reader[s]...really I can think of only one...hi, P!...Hot Topic is a chain store found in several American malls that caters to the Gothic punk population, which includes people who dye their hair all sorts of weird colors, including cherry red). So the photo above is the result of that. I knew it was much redder (is that even a word?) than before, but I had no idea how red it was until this photo (taken indoors, at night in a dark restaurant) was taken. It was taken at my 30th birthday dinner at The Stinking Rose, a popular Italian restaurant in LA (there's another location in San Francisco), inside the ladies' restroom. Currently, my hair has grown back to halfway down my back again (my hair grows like weeds!). For all you fashion plates out there, the dress is by Milly.

What else?

On Day #30, I decided to go to a party where I would risk knowing nobody all alone. It turned out that I knew 2 people, but I barely talked to them and actually met some nice single, successful guys. We'll see if anything pans out on that front.

Today, I went to lunch with some co-workers who helped me to have some good laughs and joked about how exciting my life is when I complained it's not...I guess they're actually right...all drama, all the time, with me. Oh, and...I finally wore my yellow Christian Louboutins that night! Too bad you can't seem them in the photo =(