Sunday, February 10, 2008

Something I'll Bet You Didn't Know About Me

I think that when people see me or hear my soft, high-pitched voice, they would think that my answer to the question What's your favorite TV show? would be something like "Gossip Girl" or "Grey's Anatomy". I guess another reason for these answers would be that they are really popular. Now, I really do like "Gossip Girl", but I don't watch "Grey's Anatomy". In actuality, I don't watch much TV. I'd love to watch more, but I'm hardly home and just don't have the time.

So just answer the darn question...what is your favorite TV show? The answer to that right now would be...Nip/Tuck. Yup, that show about really perverted plastic surgeons and full of people who would do and say things people wouldn't do or say in real life. And if you really would expose yourself at a group job interview or tell your plastic surgeon that you want him to totally reconstruct your face so that you look like a real cat...

What is it about this show that I like so much? It's NOT the smutty sex scenes, let's just answer that right now. Yes, I think Julian McMahon has a great body, but I don't need to see his bare a-- in every single episode (let's take a bet on how many times it makes an appearance this season...I'll bet it's at least 50!). I love this show simply because it's about the darkest side of human nature. It's about fantasy, but not as we would normally think of it. "Cinderella" it's not, but don't you find yourself wanting to do something really dark and unthinkable sometimes? Don't you wonder what it'd be like if you just gave in, like Dr. Troy (Julian McMahon) always does? I'm not necessarily talking about what you might think I'm talking about...because there are plenty of things we have either given in to or thought about giving in to.

Here's a link to some information about this show, and I think you can see some clips, too:;videos