Friday, October 4, 2013

Special Limited Edition Hermes scarf

I sometimes find myself fantasizing about being that put-together woman in skinny jeans, ankle booties, blazer, white shirt, and scarf.  Truth be told, I own none of these things, save for scarves.  But I don't wear them.  I have the Hermes scarf cards, the ones designed to give wearers ideas, but I've never opened them. The reason for not wearing or opening is simply because I think both are too precious to risk tattering.

Also, living in Southern California, there's no need to become a scarf person.  But collecting them is something entirely different.  You see, Hermes has tons of new scarf designs every season.  But only occasionally do they do scarves that are limited to just one boutique, and these scarves become highly coveted by hard-core collectors.

The re-opening of the Beverly Hills boutique in early September was an occasion special enough to warrant an exclusive scarf design.  I was told about the re-opening, but as I'm not a VIP anymore,  I wasn't invited to the party, and being busy, it wasn't the first thing on my mind to visit the new store.  Yesterday, however, I came across a pictorial in Vanity Fair.  Hmmm...maybe it was time to go back to Rodeo Drive after all, so I headed there

after work.  I was greeted by the sales associates and walked up and down the spiral staircase.  I came down to look for collier de chien bracelets with gold hardware (they didn't have any, of course).  A SA I know quite well advised me to pick up the very limited-edition scarf created just for the re-opening of the Beverly Hills boutique.  Of course I would!  This scarf was featured in the Vanity Fair pictorial.
Palm trees--perfect representation of Southern California!