Thursday, June 20, 2013

Christian Louboutin Spring 2013 Sale

I was planning on posting a pic of a brand-new pair of Christian Louboutin bleu saphir Lady Highness shoes, but sadly, that didn't work out for me.  I bought them, but had to return them, due to a defect.  I chose not to name the boutique involved cuz they actually had satisfactory customer far.  If it turns out to not be satisfactory, I'll not hold back from typing out their name.

Anyway, until now, I'd held back from buying any new Louboutins for over 6 months.  I had heard the boutiques were having their semi-annual sale, but wasn't been able to take advantage of it on the first day, as I normally do.  I finally got a chance a few days later.  I went in thinking that I'd missed out on anything good, particularly in my size, which is always in the range of 37-38 1/2.

I was wrong.  They had on display a Ron-Ron, in Rose Paris suede, a pinkish color.  I liked it, but didn't love it.  I missed out on the turquoise suede Ron-Ron a couple of seasons back, so I had that hopeless feeling in my stomach again.  So I tried the Rose Paris.  Then I asked my favorite salesgirl if there happened to be any other colors, and she said that there was a "blue" that also went on sale.  I got my hopes up and asked which blue color it was, thinking that it might be turquoise, but she answered, "blue sapphire, like the shoe you returned".  My face lit up.  She said she was told the "blue" suede Ron-Ron was sold out, but she'd look for it anyway and went to the stockroom.  A few minutes later, she emerged holding a box and wearing a big smile.  The box had a sticky on it that read "LAST PAIR".  She happily declared that she did indeed find the "blue sapphire", and it happened to be a 37 1/2, my Ron-Ron size.  Perfect!  And to top it off, this is my first pair of Ron-Rons.  To a longtime CL collector like me, it's sort of shocking that it took me this long to get a pair of Ron-Rons, a classic CL style that's been around several years.  Another milestone checked!

After having lunch with my SA, a delicious crispy kale salad, I went back to the boutique with her to purchase my Ron-Rons.  And the grand total was...$375 plus tax!  Wowee!  I'd never find a gem like this in the department stores.  This is why I'm almost always partial to buying from namesake boutiques.

Like probably most of America, I watched Game 7 of the NBA finals.  Probably almost like most of America, I rooted for the San Antonio Spurs.  I'm a Lakers and a Kobe Bryant fan, so I looked forward to the dethroning of King James, but it didn't happen.  However, I may actually be relieved that the Miami Heat won.  If the Spurs won, that'd give Tim Duncan his 5th NBA championship ring, and he'd be on par with Kobe.  LeBron James has only his 2nd, so he's still nowhere near catching up with Kobe.  And LeBron hasn't 3-peated, either.  Til next basketball...and shoes!