Friday, January 22, 2010

A Single's Life for Me

Lately, sooooo many people have asked me (more than usual, I swear), in various ways, "Why are you still single?". Some even go on to ask how old I am, and when I tell them, I get answers that go along the lines of, "Oh, you better get cracking on that, especially if you want to have kids". I'd always answer that I'm OK with being single. But inside, I'd be crying, wondering how I got to be so unlucky. I'd secretly fantasize about various men, holding me and waiting for me at the altar.

Then at the end of the workday today, I did some heavy flirting with a HOT male colleague, who is also single. I don't see me getting together with him (I did before, let's not go there now), so I turned up the charm. Before, I would've totally analyzed every bit of the conversation and mentally kicked myself for not saying something cuter or more charming (plus worrying about whether he thought I was a snob, weird, etc.), but now, I don't care. I later changed out of my scrubs, then put on lipstick, a pair of dark Joe's jeans, a cute Juicy Couture top, and my YSL Tributes (which he saw me in later, and I noticed him checking me out). I also flirted with other people on my way to and during a party, and it kept going.

I left the party a little earlier than I normally would, and as I was driving home, I realized how tired I was. Then it hit me-I'm single, and I'm exhausted! And if I were in a relationship, I'd still have to make time for SOMEONE ELSE?!!! Uh-uh. Not now. I want to flirt with everyone in the room, spend tons of money on myself, do my own thing, and not have to ask anyone else if it's OK. I often like to disappear for hours with random people and not utter a word about it to a living soul. If I'm in a relationship, I can't do it. I'd owe my boyfriend/husband an explanation, and I don't always want to give it. I actually found myself saying to an older female coworker in a conversation about marriage, "if I choose to get married". I never would've said that before. In the past, whenever the subject came up, I would always say, "WHEN I get married".

Life is too short and too fun to answer to someone else! Viva singlehood!


lilmissb said...

Hi 5! Nothing wrong with being securely single!!! Aaahhh, sometimes I think it's better to be single rather than cohabitating. You definitely spend more money on food in a couple. I miss my "free to spend on me" cash. Go girl!

The Drama Queen said...

Thanks...and LOL, lilmissb! I really do like being single, but I'd give it up for the right person, someone who is as wonderful as M. seems ;)