Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Louboutin Manicure

When I saw the Louboutin manicure mentioned on The Purse Forum, I decided that I wanted to try it. Here's a description of it: It's basically a manicure with a twist: red nail polish underneath the nail plates. I am a fan of Christian Louboutin, love having manicured nails, and am actually able to grow long nails, so why not?!

I had several bottles of red nail polish in my medicine cabinet, so I was set on that. However, I had just one bottle of black nail polish, OPI Lincoln Park After Dark. Since I hadn't used it in some time, I brushed a couple of nails with it and decided it was too purple. I had been wanting Chanel Black Satin for some time and just got a $100 Neiman Marcus InCircle gift card (their reward for me spending too much money there!), so I headed to my nearest Neiman Marcus (which is only a 10-minute drive from my house--extremely dangerous!). I picked up Black Satin (after browing the shoe department and talking with my favorite Neiman Marcus sales associate, of course) and headed home.

I brushed Essie Fishnet Stockings underneath my nail plates, then brushed Black Satin on the tops of my nail plates. I didn't want to have polish going into my nail beds, so I just did the very tips.

The results are shown here, along with my studded Very Prive shoe. Now, I'm not a beautician by any means. It might've turned out better if I used a different red or a different black. Also, if I grew my nails out longer or got acrylics, it might've looked better. But that's a no can-do for me. I can't have acrylics at work, plus I think they'd be too overwhelming for my little hands (not to mention the potential for fungus and infections, yuck!). My creation didn't turn out exactly like the picture or what I thought it'd look, but at least I tried.


erin said...

i love this! i've always wanted to do this manicure but i am too lazy. i've settled for china glaze's "lubu heels" :P

ps so glad you were able to find the VGs in a 38!

The Drama Queen said...

Thanks, Erin! Next time I'm at Sally Beauty Supply, I'll check out that China Glaze color.

I'll be posting about my VGs shortly =)