Monday, January 11, 2010

Giving Up Starbucks

For over 6 years, I would stop into Starbucks or Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf almost every day before work. It then started turning into an every day no matter what thing. I'd add up all I spent on coffee, but it might make me cry.

For the last year, I was a Starbucks Gold Card member. To become one, I paid $25 and received 10% off my Starbucks purchases every time I used it. It was sort of my crutch, I figured that I wanted to get maximal use out of it, so it justified my coffee purchases (inevitably, I'd also occasionally buy cheese platters, cupcakes, and coffee cake, too).

Well, today was the day my Starbucks Gold Card expired. I decided that I would not renew my card, and therefore, would have no more justification for purchasing Starbucks every morning. I woke up 20 minutes earlier today to have a bagel, instead of just a cup of my $4.45 grande iced caramel macchiato with soy milk (with the Gold Card, I paid the bargain price of $4.00!) that would end up sitting on my desk the entire morning, since my job actually requires that I work with people and I don't get the luxury of sitting time until the last half hour of my day. I was craving it, but I did just fine. It takes 21 days to build a new habit, so I'm gonna hang tight for the next 20. Wish me luck!


lilmissb said...

YAY! Starbucks is evil!!! And think of the money you'll save not to mention cutting out that much sugar in your diet will be so healthy for you.

The Drama Queen said...

I couldn't agree more, lilmissb!