Monday, November 21, 2011

My Hermes Shoes

At this point, I have only 2 pairs of Hermes shoes. I have a pair of striped Hermes espadrilles that I bought during my early days of Hermes-collecting. The first time I wore them was to a meeting that I had to attend during my first job after getting my professional license. I expected this meeting to be a battle, and it was. It was also longer than I expected, and I remember throwing little glances at my shoes to make it more pleasant. As soon as I left the meeting, I headed to a fast-food restaurant to grab a quick lunch and thanked my sales associate. She seemed genuinely happy I was happy and subtly suggested the matching hat. What? Matching hat? There was a matching hat? I liked the idea immediately and promised to check out the emailed photo she would send me and "measure my head", laughing with her as I said it. I really did measure my head, as soon as I got home, to make sure I got the right size. I also ran the decision by my Hermes-hookup buddy. She said she had seen the hat at the boutique and that she thought it was very cute. I was sold. The hat came a few days later, and now I've got the matching set.

I saw the nude patent sandals in the runway photos from the Spring 2006 show. I get a lot of mileage from these shoes. I've worn them soo many times, including to the Jason Derulo concert that I went to with my friends for my birthday last year. One of my friends, who wears only flat shoes, asked me where I got them because she said she'd be willing to wear heels if she could get a pair like these. They truly are comfortable, which is probably why I've worn them so many times and will continue to wear them for many years to come. Not to mention, they're cute! Don't you just love the perforated "H" on the big strap?!

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