Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Hermes Leather Goods...with a Reveal

When my lunch break started, I eagerly ran outside (I get no cell phone reception inside the hospital where I work) and immediately saw that I received a voicemail message this morning at 10:04 am. I knew who it was without even checking the missed call log...and I was right. My lovely sales associate called to tell me that my item was ready to be picked up, as scheduled. So you're wondering what the heck I picked up at Hermes. Wonder no more! Here it is: a Kelly dog bracelet in blue electrique swift leather! I expected it would arrive today, so for the occasion, I repainted my nails in Chanel Blue Rebel (from the very limited-edition, for Fashion's Night Out 2011 only, Les Jeans de Chanel collection). I got a lot of compliments on this nail color, many of them about how the color was so unique. I didn't think it'd match so well with the Kelly dog, but I think it does. Bonus! I love this bracelet so much I think I'll get another one...but it has to wait until after Christmas...and I'll need a whole lot of luck to hunt it down! I also bought agenda refills with the 2012 calendar. I know it's a little early, but those sell out so quickly! And I know most people store all their info in cell phones now, but I'm an old-fashioned gal in a lot of ways, and the idea of scribbling notes and writing appointments in my calendar still appeals to me. Interesting little tidbit: if you buy the calendar refills for a Hermes agenda, you don't get just the calendar. It comes with an address book, too!

So...onto my next category of Hermes goods: leather items. The bracelet has been introduced, so next will be the item in the middle in the pic. It's an agenda made from barenia leather. This leather is extremely rare and, as far as I know, is discontinued, and may be available by special order only. Notice all the scratches? Those aren't anything to fret over (they were all made by me, of course; the leather was unscratched when I bought it). The patina they make over time is part of the beauty of this leather. The item on the right is a compact Bearn wallet made of box leather. I remember the occasion on which I bought the item clearly. I went with my friend M. to Hermes to buy an item to commemorate me leaving a stressful job to go to a new one. I had just gotten a Birkin right before that, so I couldn't get another bag, but a wallet was just perfect. I literally had my sales associate bring out every compact Bearn wallet in the store (plus a few other styles), and we went through them all. I didn't want a black one (I already had a black Chanel wallet), so I would look at this one, then put it back and look for another one. I kept going back to the black box wallet, so I finally decided on buying it. Now I'm so glad I did. Box leather, like barenia, develops a patina further enhanced by the scratches made by the owner. It just gets better with time...just like all other Hermes goods.

Tomorrow's category: "big" silks.

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