Saturday, July 14, 2012

DvF: My 1st Wrap Dress

It's not exactly my 1st. I bought one about 5-6 years ago, from the now-closed Belle Gray Calabasas boutique (owned by Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin). The dress was turquoise, sleeveless, and had brown lip prints on it. I paid almost $400 for it, and I wore it only once, to a friend's wedding. The reason I wore it once was actually a good one. It was because, not long after I bought it, I became 3 sizes too small for it. I wanted another one, but the quality of Diane von Furstenberg clothing appears to have gone down since I bought my 1st one, so I didn't feel it was worth paying $400 for another. Fast-forward to today: I was at Saks in Beverly Hills after my haircut. I combed through the DvF racks about 3 times and didn't find anything, so I ate in the cafe, ready to leave with nothing but my leftovers and the Clinique All About Eyes Rich cream I picked up from the cosmetics counter (I highly recommend it-I felt it work instantly!). Newly energized after my meal, I decided to hit the general women's contemporary section sale racks. There I spotted this: my 1st DvF wrap dress (I'll consider it my 1st, since I'd sold the real 1st one). The style is called "Julian 2" and the print is called "African tulip". I found a really nice sales associate to let me into the fitting room. I tried it on, and when I came out, I asked the SA for the price. She scanned it: $164.25! Down from $365. I wasn't 100% sure of it, but decided it was time to go home and bought it anyway. After going to dinner, I tried it on at home and took pics of myself in it for the moment of truth. I love its feminine fit, but the material is clingy and not very forgiving. Shapewear is recommended, but as someone who hates shapewear (too restrictive for me), I found acceptable middle ground (a regular slip over perfectly-fitting cotton underwear), which I'm wearing in the pics. I also recommend buying these dresses in a size up. I think I could've fit into the size 2, but I found that the size 4 fit just fine, due to the clinginess of the material. Also, I tried this dress on after eating buffalo wings and pizza and drinking a Coke, so I have an idea what it looks like on a bloated stomach (very useful to do, as many special events revolve around a meal).
What do you think, readers? Keep? Or return (I think I have 30 days)?


Vichaya said...

I think it looks good on you. :)

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