Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bye-Bye, Betsey!

OK, not really. Fashion designer Betsey Johnson will continue to produce clothes and other stuff, but the brand will cease to exist as it has been for the past several years. I didn't know the news about the bankruptcy until yesterday, when my sister sent me an email telling me to hurry on down to my local Betsey store to check out the store-closing sale. I did, and sure enough, there was a huge sign saying "Last 2 Days". There were some dresses hanging on the racks, and even the racks were for sale. I walked away empty-handed, but decided to return today.
I got there right after the mall opened and picked up dress #1, a navy silk ruffly halter style poofy dress (pictured near right, with my Christian Louboutin nude Very Prives with red tip). As I gave the dress to the sales associate to ring up, I asked her, "What's gonna happen to you guys?". She looked a little surprised, then said softly, "We find new jobs" (I wonder if anyone else had asked her that question). She added, "I'm just sad there's no more Betsey". She made an even sadder face, then continued on, talking about her fond memories of seeing her mom wear Betsey's pieces from the '80s, and I really felt for her. I hope she does find a new job, one that will make her even happier.
I had my eye on dress #2 (the white floral version of dress #1), but decided to wait on it and return for it if I decided I still wanted it after giving it some thought, so I left with dress #1 only. I did think about it and decided I wanted it, so I returned for dress #2 about an hour later (I guess that Rebecca Taylor dress I just bought from Nordstrom will be going back--yay for their easy return policy!). It almost didn't go home with me. I spotted it in a fitting room with a young girl. I stood around, waiting to see if she would buy it, and it seemed like forever. There were others on the rack, but there was only 1 in my size, and it was with the girl. She finally came out with the dress, along with several other pieces. She joined a middle-aged woman (probably her mom), an elderly woman (probably her grandma), and 2 little girls (probably her sisters) for a brief conversation in Farsi. Then the girl turned to a SA and gave her all the clothes in her hands and said, "I'll think about it". The SA turned around and saw me, so I asked her for the dress. She handed it to me, and I took it into the fitting room to make sure. It was mine 5 minutes later. I left with the iconic hot-pink Betsey shopping bag in my hand, for the last time from that store. It's closed for good in 5 1/2 hours.
I decided to read up on the story when I got home. So many people felt that her targeted wearer was too young to afford the clothing. They may be right. I saw a lot of teenage girls in the store with their moms today. It turns out the SA wasn't totally right. The company plans to keep a few stores open, and some of the collection will be sold at Nordstrom and Saks. However, who knows what will happen in this shaky economy? And I may not love the future collections, so these 2 dresses may be my last Betsey pieces. Today, I realize that Betsey's designs really fit my style. I love the ultrafeminine, Isn't it awesome being a girl?" look. Maybe I should've taken advantage of buying from the store that's down the street from my house when it was still there. Oh, well, it's only right then to treasure the pieces I do have, including these 2 dresses. My friend joked that I should keep one dress in my closet with the tags on, but I don't think I can. It is awesome being a girl, and I want to show the world I really believe that by wearing these dresses.
Just wanted to edit to add, since I'm a girl who loves sports and loves to support her fellow kababayan (countryman): Pacquiao, you were robbed (read the story here:! You won that fight, and boxing fans all over the world know it! Don't agree to the rematch. The judges' decision just proves that the World Boxing Organization is f*cked up and allows the wrong people to win. You had an illustrious career, and don't allow the WBO the glory of presenting any more of your work. Retire with the titles and honors that you won for yourself and allowed us Filipinos to hold our heads high. Like the ESPN announcer said, the decision is a true injustice to the sport and to fans. I will no longer be a part of it. As a boxing fan who became one only because of Pacquiao, I resign!

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