Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cheap Clothes, Expensive Shoes...Who Cares?! (part 2, Fashion Star)

I'm continuing my post from Friday. For people who aren't familiar with "Fashion Star", this is a reality show that features designers who make one special piece of clothing or accessory each week. They're mentored by 3 people who are current successful designers: Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie, and John Varvatos. Each week, their items get showcased on a runway in front of 3 buyers: one from H&M, one from Saks Fifth Avenue, and one from Macy's. If any of the buyers likes the item, a bid is placed. The item can be sold in only 1 store, so if more than 1 buyer likes it, a bidding war takes place, and that's where it gets exciting. If a designer doesn't get any bids, (s)he gets put at risk for elimination from the show. The winning items are sold in stores the next day and online right after the end of the show.

This dress is one of the latest winning items from the most recent episode, which I bought from H&M. I learned my lesson after about 5 episodes. The items go on sale online right after the show ends on the East Coast, which was why I missed out on buying them from the online H&M store. Now I know to log on to H&M right after 8 pm PST. Now I can get the same advantage as East Coast fashionistas and watch other shows at 10 pm. However, I'm one of those people who hates returning, so it's pretty rare that I buy any clothes online. So it suits me to go in store to buy them. But feel free to use this piece of advice, West Coasters/Midwesterners/Mountain Regioners! Honestly, I don't feel any item from the show is worth more than $50, so I don't think I'll be buying them from either Saks or Macy's. At Saks, the items sell for around $300 each, and at Macy's just over $100.

The H&M items from this show sell have been selling like hotcakes, so I was surprised to see it in the store at Century City mall on Thursday. I'm now wearing a size 2 in most brands, so when I saw the smallest size was a 6, I thought I'd be swimming in it. I took the size 8 in, too, just in case. My first thoughts were totally wrong. Boy this dress runs small! I was able to zip myself into the 6, but barely. The size 8 went on perfectly, but on a petite woman like me (5'3"-5'4"), the top part was a little long and bunches out. The dress was only $39.95, so the retail price may end up costing as much as the alterations to fix it, but I love this dress, so it may be worth it.

Following the theme of the title of this post and making good on my promise to post a pic, here is the "Fashion Star" dress designed by Luciana with my Christian Louboutin nude Bianca pumps:

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