Friday, April 27, 2012

Cheap Clothes, Expensive Shoes...Who Cares?!

I'm so tired on most Friday nights. I don't hit the bars to relieve my stress. The last thing I want to do on a Friday night is deal with crowds. I usually go home, kick back, and watch TV. Nothing I wanted to watch was on TV tonight, so I decided to log onto tpf after a long absence. Then I was reminded of the reason why I took my absence from tpf.

I clicked on an interesting thread that addressed judgements people make on wearers of Christian Louboutin shoes. It started off well. Many people posted that they usually deem the wearers to be sexy or fashionable. Then someone posted "why would you spend that much on shoes and then have really cheap clothes".... People are entitled to their opinions. I get that, but since this is my blog, I'm going to give mine.

Why does it matter to one person how much a complete stranger spends on her/his clothes, shoes, or accessories? I don't care if the girl who passes me at the mall walks into Steve Madden and buys the shoe that looks like my Very Prive. Why should I? I have more important things to think about. Do I think that, as a Birkin owner, I'm better than the woman who buys her purses from Wal-Mart? No, because I know that a person is much more than the things she owns. And if the woman who bought her purse from Wal-Mart decides to splurge on a pair of Louboutins one day and to continue buying her purses and all her clothes from Wal-Mart, should I care? Hell no! That woman is entitled to spend her money how she wants.

The tpfer's statement really got to me cuz it made me think of my dear friend J. J, if you can recall from my earlier post on my trip to New York last summer, is the friend in the photo with me in front of the Christian Louboutin Horatio boutique: J had been planning, for months, to buy her CLs. She'd been admiring mine for a long time, but due to all her financial commitments and overwhelming generosity toward others, couldn't afford a pair of her own. When we decided to go to NY together, she was determined to get a pair for herself. She knew it'd be a one-time deal cuz those commitments weren't going away. She's also tiny, so it works out for her body and her budget to shop at Forever 21 and H&M. Since she went through with the splurge, she's been rocking her CLs almost everywhere. We both recently took our CLs to my favorite cobbler, Eddie ( He joked that he could tell she'd been partying cuz hers were so much more worn out than mine (he did a great job restoring them, though). I need to take a page from J's book. Talk about enjoyment from your things! And yes, she wears them with her F21 and H&M dresses...and she looks hot! Should she have kept the CLs in her closet until she was willing and able to buy a Dior dress?! I don't think so!

Speaking of mixing inexpensive clothes with expensive shoes, I went to H&M last night. I was lucky enough to find the Fashion Star floral dress designed by Luciana. I put it on in the fitting room, thinking how perfect it'd look with my nude Biancas. So I took it home. Pic to follow. And since it's a Fashion Star dress, it'll be easily recognized as a cheap dress, but IDGARA!

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