Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy Retirement, Shaq!

At the ripe-old age of 39, Shaquille O'Neal retired from professional basketball. Just as I peppered my mind with fond memories of the 3peat Lakers champsionship era from 2000-02 in order to take my mind off this last disastrous season, I hear about this. He was the beloved Lakers center (or, at least, he was beloved at the time) who made millions of people smile by saying, "Can you dig it?!". At my college graduation in 2001, there were a lot of students who had Go, Lakers written on their caps. I remember thinking that I wish I'd done the same. I won't remember Shaq for all the drama he caused. Instead, I will remember Shaq like he was in this picture, his enthusiasm all over his face after an awesome dunk off a lob from Kobe Bryant in Game 7 of the 2000 NBA finals Western Conference finals (photo from, taken from Paul Morse of The Los Angeles Times):

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