Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Killer Manicure...at an Affordable Price!

At the suggestion of my sister, we headed to CVS today. She wanted to pick up a set of Sally Hansen Salon Effects. She was wearing a set of them today, in the "Skinny Jeans" color, and it looked awesome. Since CVS Extra Care card customers also got an extra $3 off $10 cosmetics purchases, I picked some up, too. I got 4 sets for $30, including sales tax! It's so much cheaper than getting a Minx Nails manicure at a salon, which can cost you upwards of $65 (although I have to admit that Minx has more variety in design). And it's very doable at home! I tried them for the first time, and within minutes, I figured it out. See the results in the pic on the left.

And Mom's doing well. Her surgery was finished in less than an hour, and she is up and about like she normally is. She didn't even need her pain meds! Yay, Mom!


erin said...

glad your mom is doing well!

the nails are pretty awesome!!

The Drama Queen said...

Thank you (hugs)!