Sunday, February 7, 2010

Highlights from My Super Bowl Weekend (Which Doesn't Involve the Super Bowl at All)

Ah, Super Bowl 2010. Many Americans would call this the ultimate sporting event of the year. This weekend is generally full of hype hype hype, leading up to the Big Game on Sunday (which would be today). Not for me. I'm not into football, so to me, it's just another weekend to be grateful for.

My Friday night, during which I made an important decision (and blogged about it in the entry just preceding this one), ended with a bloody orange caipirinha and yummy appetizers and deserts (which ultimately blended into one meal) at Firefly. Firefly is a lounge/bar/restaurant in the very upscale and hip town of Studio City. Many "yuppie LA" types hang out here, and they were out in full force on Friday, despite the heavy rain. A friend/coworker of mine and I dined on crispy green beans, beef stroganoff, a Spanish cheese plate, and baked Alaska. The bill came out to almost $100, and I felt a little bad, since for a lot of people, that's quite pricey and I picked the place. My friend didn't make a fuss of it. In fact, she said the food was good and didn't mind. It's dark in this place, and I was so engrossed in conversation with my friend that I didn't take any pictures, but I promise to next time I visit.

My Saturday was quite uneventful. I went for my monthly waxing maintenance, which, lately, hasn't been monthly. I've had way too much to do and on my mind to even think of it. Seriously, when your parents are having a host of health problems, you have a full-time hectic job, and you're trying to make a social life for yourself, the last thing you think of is your stray eyebrow hairs. But, being the girly girl I am, I eventually came to, so there I was. Very near to the salon was a cupcake bakery called Susie Cakes. Soooo good! The cupcake bakery is pretty popular here in LA, and there are a few of them that are famous (one is actually named Famous Cupcakes, owned by the Kardashians). Darnit-I forgot to take pics again! Oh well, another reason to go back ;)

My Sunday (today) was more eventful than my Saturday. Yesterday, I received a $50 gift card from Neiman Marcus for in-store dining. They have pretty good food, healthy and tasty. I've gotten several of these gift cards, simply for shopping there. I don't care what people say about NM (it's been written that they cater to stuffy old women and that their staff is snobby), they really do take care of their customers (more on that on Wednesday). So I had lunch at the Fresh Market cafe inside the Beverly Hills store, and I still have enough left over for 2 more free meals! I did notice that there were a small number of people in the store, compared to other Sundays that I've been there, and most of the customers were women (of course, the men were probably at home, at a friend's home, or at a sports bar watching The Big Game). On my way to Chinatown to pick up dinner (special request from my younger sister), I decided to stop by the Christian Louboutin boutique in West Hollywood. I had gotten a call from my sales associate there, telling me that the perle Poseidon shoe had arrived. It wasn't what I had originally wanted, so I passed, but was invited to try it on, anyway. I did try it on, but in a 1/2 size bigger than my true size (which was OK, but just a tiny bit loose; my true size in that style was already sold out). And the color is NOTHING like the one posted on tpf. The color appears to be a sort of dusty gold in the sunlight and a silvery color at other times. Well, like I posted before, this being LA, you never know who you'll run into once you leave home. This time, I ran into Rose McGowan! If you don't know who she is, here's some info: She came into the store, and again, I got the feeling that I knew who she was, but didn't know the name at first. Then I noticed her pale face, brownish red hair, and bright-colored lips, and I thought, Is that Rose McGowan? Then my sales associate, with whom I was speaking, called out to another sales associate, "You know Rose, right? Could you show her upstairs?". Aha! So it was her (this was further confirmed when she wrote her info down, as requested by her sales associate so that he may locate a shoe for her. I actually saw her write "Rose McGowan" on the top). She was quite friendly and funny. I did speak to her, when I apologized after I moved my Chanel Coco Cabas bag, which was brushing against her arm as she wrote. She glanced to see what was going on and said, "That's OK". So she's a Loubie fan, too! Not suprising, though, as so many Hollywood actresses are also fans.

I ended up back at home after a run to Chinatown. It was so hard to find parking, but worth it, as I got some really great food for dinner for me and my sis. And I found a cheap boba place, too!


Anonymous said...

hey valley girl.. why dont you have a photo in the valley instead? is that photo from paris? I have one like that at the louvre.. burt..

lilmissb said...

I follow Rose on Twitter and she tweets some interesting stuff. She's pretty cute.

The Drama Queen said...

Hey there, Anonymous! That photo was taken in Oslo, in front of the Royal Palace. I'm working on getting a picture of the Valley, just need to actually get myself to the site that provides the best picture. That'll happen soon, I hope =)

The Drama Queen said...

lilmissb, I looked up Rose's Twitter page, and I agree, she does post interesting stuff. She's definitely cute IRL, and very funny and witty, too. And she's a CL fan, which makes her even cooler =)