Thursday, September 29, 2011

Not About Me

Today, I was going to write about my own beauty issues and ramble on about them. Then, I got an email from my sister today, which included this link:

This is a big world. We are each just 1 in 6 billion people. I've visited many countries and live in Los Angeles, the true melting pot of the world. Many times, I compare the differences of these cultures from my own. As easy as it is to see how different these folks are, it's easy to get along with them. If you want to get along, just smile. No words needed. To get it rolling, why not make a balloon animal? I loved having those as a kid. Boy, I wish I had the talent to make them myself. My nephews would love me!

Even if you didn't love balloon animals, isn't it nice to know, in this shattered economy, there are people traveling the world to spread happiness to the most desolate places? Speaking of living in LA, it's so easy to get caught up in the hype. There are people here who have everything...but they spend their days wishing to be someone else. Then there are people in this same world who have not a penny to their names, but they're so happy.

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