Monday, September 26, 2011

Latest Purchases

I'm asked all the time about my latest purchases. Lately, there hasn't been much to discuss. I'm trying to save for a fabulous birthday present to myself, coming up next month, and also for, well, let's just say goals.

On Saturday, I went for my hair appointment, which I felt like canceling, due to a cold I caught the day before. However, my hairdresser doesn't actually mind having sick clients, and I'd already canceled 2 times before this appointment. And I needed to have my roots retouched-bad! I love being a redhead, albeit an unnatural one. I'm a proud Filipina-American, so I'm not cursing my naturally black hair, but my fiery dramatic personality fits that of a redhead stereotype so well! Here are the results of my fresh red color:

I can't believe I've been putting off buying the Maroon 5 CD, It Won't Be Soon Before Long. For a long time, I kept thinking, I'll buy it later. During my long commute to work and back home and the long workday, I found myself turning up the radio whenever a song from this CD came on. Well, it's about time I got it then. So now that I decide I want it, it's hard to find. ran out, and the multiple Target, Best Buy, and Wal-Mart stores I've visited didn't have it. I finally searched on Fry's Electronics website, and I found that a store about 13 miles away had one left. Yesterday, despite my cold and feeling s*itty, I headed there. I mean, what else to do on a Sunday afternoon? Right away, I ripped open the plastic and played it in the car: "6 foot tall, came without a warning, so I had to shoot him dead, he won't come around here anymore, come around here, I don't feel so bad"...OK, enough. I love Adam Levine!

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