Saturday, December 11, 2010

12/11/10: A Memorable Date...

...for various reasons.

1) The date itself. How often do 3 consecutive numbers appear in accurate reverse order? Of course, I realize that if I lived in Europe, the date would be 11/12/10. This historical date would have occurred on November 12, 2010, last month. Well, come to think of it, I was in Europe on November 12, 2010 (in Spain, traveling from Zaragoza to Madrid). So I'm celebrating this special date for the 2nd time!

2) On this date last year, I was in the hospital. My father had an operation that had the potential to save his life. One year later, he's still alive, feisty as always. My mother had an operation, too, 3 days after my father did. My sisters and I were literally in the hospital with both our parents checked in (Mom was getting her operation, a lumpectomy, and Dad was recovering from his). Seriously, that was a pretty scary time. Dad's alive today, so the operation likely worked. And Mom is free of cancer. Whew!

3) Back to are the pictures from my dream trip. Finally! From top to bottom, here are the descriptions: the Tower of Belem (Lisbon, Portugal); the Christian Louboutin boutique (Madrid, Spain); the square in front of the Basilica (Fatima, Portugal); a sign on a bus (Zaragoza, Spain), which roughly translates to "Eat rabbit meat. It's safe."; a sign near the border between Spain and Portugal; a bull-fighting arena (Lisbon, Portugal); a castle once owned by a Duke, now a museum (Lourdes, France); a cork tree (Fatima, Portugal)-Portugal is the leading exporter of cork in the world, a material found in some Christian Louboutin collections-LOL; my souvenir, nude Bianca pumps, purchased from the Christian Louboutin boutique in Madrid

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