Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend 2010

Yay! 3-day weekend...just too bad that it's over. But then again, that means it's only a 4-day work week! For my international readers, today was Labor Day in the US, which is a federal holiday and a holiday for almost everyone in the private sector. For us Americans, it symbolizes the end of the summer season (although I know that, according to the Roman calendar, it's not actually until late September). For those still in school or those who work in the educational sector, this means going back to work. People tend to put vacations off from now until June-ish next year (after Memorial Day, the unofficial start of the summer season). However, for those of us no longer in school, not working in the educational sector, and childless (me included in this category), it simply means a slightly longer commute to work. Sigh...that 15 minutes of extra sleep was awful nice.

Oh, we go with another weekend update. I did get to spend it with some fine male company, but don't get too excited. The males in question are ages 1 and 3. I'm talking about my little nephews, adorable as can be. My lovely sister, age 39, finally found the man of her dreams and is going to marry him this winter. She decided that she wanted our family to be introduced to his this weekend, so my entire immediate family joined in the festivities.

My family and I also had a celebrity sighting. We met Legacy Perez, a contestant from the TV show, So You Think You Can Dance? Now I've met several celebrities in my life, and sadly, only some of them are nice. Legacy is one of them...and then some. Not only was he nice, he seemed genuinely flattered we recognized and spoke to him. He asked where my mom was from, and when she said that she was from the Philippines, he spoke a little Tagalog to her and appeared to be flattered that she was thrilled. We also met his family, who were also very nice. He also took a pic with us, then his family and my sister's family took one together. I wish Legacy the best in his career. He's a truly talented dancer and a nice guy, and he deserves lasting success.

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