Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend, 2010

Hi, everyone! I know that there are quite a few of you who read my blog to find out how I'm doing, so I thought I'd use this entry to update you.

Just like almost every other Memorial Day weekend in the past, I stayed home. I don't do the Vegas trip, like most Angelenos do. If I ever do get away for these 3-day weekends, it's to visit my nephews in the Bay Area (San Franciso, San Jose, etc.).

Even though the weekend technically started (for me) last Friday (5/28/10) at 4:30 pm, I actually "partied" the day before. A co-worker invited some of us to Copa d'Oro, a bar in Santa Monica:, in celebration of her birthday. I nearly decided not to go, as those of you who know me already know that I'm very shy. I am NOT fond of the bar scene, and I don't hang out in big groups. I like to go to events where I'm pretty anonymous (hence the boutique cocktail parties and the Lakers games) or to intimate dinners (with 1-4 people). I thought, Why not step out of my comfort zone and hang out with a big group of a bar?! I'm glad I went, as I found that I have some pretty cool co-workers, but I ended up leaving after about 30 min. (I was also 2 hours late!), as I started to feel uncomfortable, and about half the group was leaving, anyway. Oh, well, I did step out of my comfort zone!

Friday the 28th was forgettable, just another workday.

Saturday the 29th was an UGH morning. I got another ticket, this time for running a stop sign. Great...I am OK with paying the fine, but since this is my 2nd one in 1 year (I got the last one exactly 1 year the date...I swear I need to NOT drive on May 29 every year), I may not be eligible for traffic school, and my insurance rates will probably go up. Yikes...Well, Sat. night was much better. I had dinner with my oldest and younger sisters, tacos and red velvet cupcakes! Then we saw Sex and the City 2 at LA Live. I loved the fashion, but the storyline could've been better. And...the Lakers won! They're the NBA Western Conference champions once again!

Sunday the 30th was also forgettable.

I had Monday the 31st off, the actual Memorial Day holiday. I actually did something exciting, for me anyway. I cooked! I'm trying to be healthy, and buying and preparing your own food is the only way. Wow! Me, finally being domestic...who'da thought?!

my Memorial Day dinner: salad with Catalina dressing, steak, asparagus sauteed in olive oil and butter, roasted red potatoes (yum!)

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