Saturday, April 17, 2010

RIP, Alexander McQueen

Ever since I became interested in high fashion, I've been fascinated by Alexander McQueen's designs. I always thought they were too outlandish for me, but nevertheless, I admired his talent. Of all the fashion houses that have 5-digit price tags attached to their pieces, I thought that the house of Alexander McQueen was one of the few that was actually able to justify those prices (Just look at the tailoring, construction, and uniqueness!). I would constantly tell myself that, someday, when I had more money, I'd buy myself some pieces by Alexander McQueen, possibly as a sign that I'd truly made it. A dream of mine was to own an evening gown designed by him.

When I read about the sad sad news of his death on Feb. 11 this year, I didn't even think of going out to buy his merchandise, like so many other people did. I was just thinking of how sad it was for the world to lose such a creative genius who didn't even get to celebrate his 41st birthday. Weeks later, I decided it was time to purchase an Alexander McQueen piece. Alas, an evening gown was not in the cards at the time, nor is it now. But something told me that I wouldn't be without a memento of this fashion genius for long.

Today, I was at Neiman Marcus (there I go again, shouting out to NM!) with my friend, IC. I had a $50 gift card that was sent to me in the mail last weekend, and I was planning on stocking up on skin care products with it, but decided on Hermes twillies instead (we had walked by some glass display cases of them, and I was inspired). We walked down to the accessories counter of the Beverly Hills store to check out the Hermes merchandise, but all they had were some of the larger scarves, cotton shawls, and twillies of only 2 designs. Then I saw it in one of the drawers: the infamous skull scarf! I'm not big on skulls, but the timing was too perfect! And the price wasn't too bad! I'd get to have a memento of Alexander McQueen's genius after all! We spent a few minutes debating on colors. I thought the black/white silk was classic and would match more clothing, but IC said she liked the blue more. Then the sales associate told us that the blue was the last in the store, possibly in the company. She added that, the day after Alexander McQueen died, people were crazily snapping up the scarves. I also looked at the gray/black and navy/orange, but they were made of cotton and cost the same as the silk. So after a couple more minutes, I decided on the blue/white silk.

This scarf is iconic Alexander McQueen, as pointed out by IC. She's totally right, even mentions it in his biography!

RIP, Mr. McQueen. I'll never forget you and my dream of owning one of your gowns someday, and I'll continue to work hard so that it'll definitely happen =)

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