Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Met Christian Louboutin...for the 3rd Time!

Christian Louboutin at his Beverly Hills boutique during an appearance on 4/28/10

On 4/28/10, I met Christian Louboutin for the 3rd time. I met him for the first time at the South Coast Plaza boutique in Feb. 2009, then for the 2nd time in Oct. 2009 at Neiman Marcus in McLean, Virginia (I had earned a free flight to anywhere within the continental US from Southwest Airlines, and it was the weekend right before my birthday, so I figured, why not?).

This time, I went with my friend IC. She was meeting him for the first time. We wanted to make sure we wouldn't wait hours in line, so we pre-purchased pairs before the event so that we'd be able to get into the "priority" line. I bought some red lizard Simple pretty!

We waited about 1 1/2 hours, then it was our turn. She went first, and I took her picture. Then it was my turn. I told him that it was our 3rd time and that I met him in Virginia (in a town that was a suburb of Washington, DC). He then talked about how much he loved DC. I liked it there, too. He signed my red lizard Simple pump, then my leopard Tigresse wedge. Then my friend IC and I posed for a pic with him! As I gathered my things to leave, I caught his eye and waved goodbye, then he winked!

I was happy I got to meet him 3 times, but I was a little bummed that this time I didn't get to talk with him and get as close to him as I did during the DC signing (I actually sat in his chair with him, and we had a nice lengthy conversation-I was the first in line at that signing). It seemed a little rushed this time. I did see that it got crazy as I left, though, so I can understand why. So glad I went early! However, he's still a total gentleman, and I'll continue to support his brand, if for no other reason than he makes the most beautiful shoes.

my signed shoes representing each time I met Christian Louboutin

And yes, this is crazy, but I have 2 pairs of shoes that I don't wear and don't ever plan to wear. I have my left gray Declic signed from the 1st time I met him, then my right gray Declic signed from the 2nd time, then my left leopard Tigresse from the 3rd. My 4th will be signed when I meet him again! When I buy a nice big home, I'll build myself a "princess" closet and will have a glass display case just for those signed shoes.

I also have one of my red lizard Simples signed by him, but those shoes are too beautiful (and comfortable) to not wear!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I am so jealous! I was wondering how you find out where he will be making appearances as I would love to get some of my shoes signed also :) Thank you!

The Drama Queen said...

Hi! I found out from the stores themselves. I make it a point to visit the stores, so I am able to build good relationships with sales associates that way.