Sunday, September 15, 2013

Phillip Lim 3.1 for Target

I didn't see too much hype about this collection, and honestly, even when I did manage to look at photos, nothing interested me.

A few days ago, I got an email from my sister, stating that she was eager to buy the BOOM sweatshirt and scarf.  Still no interest from me.  Then I happened upon the 9/23/13 issue of Life & Style magazine to find a picture of Jessica Alba wearing the sweatshirt.  Those tabloids really do work their magic on generating interest.  After that, I decided that I did want the sweatshirt after all.

I get up at 5:45 am 5 days a week for work, but I was out pretty late last night with some friends and I had a 9 am appointment for a massage this morning.  My original plan was to "sleep in" until 7 am, then head to Target at 7:30 and quickly pick up some items and head to my appointment at 8:30 am.  However, that didn't happen. 

It wasn't until just after 2 pm that I finally made it to Target with my sister (who stayed up until after 2 am PST to snag the stuff she wanted).  I went to the busiest store in my area, which always gets the collaboration collections, and the biggest selection of the collections.  However, we were shocked to find that this store didn't get the Phillip Lim collection.  Instead, 3 other ones did, and these stores don't get nearly as much traffic as this one. I overheard the woman we talked to tell a group of people that they had customers lining up outside the store at 7 am, and they were quite upset to learn they lined up for nothing!

I had other errands to run, so I made it to one of the 3 stores at 3:30 pm today.  No bags, and nearly nothing under a size 10, except for a navy/green cotton/sheer top.  It costs about $40, and the stitching is so poor.  There was a hole in the seam on the shoulder, so I put it back. 

I headed to another Target, and it was a bust...or so I thought.  I was confused about the BOOM sweatshirt, so I called my sister while at the store.  I had seen one in a size medium at the other store, but it had a skirt attached, which I didn't like.  She explained that indeed there was a sweatshirt without the skirt.  I was bummed that I missed out on getting one for the sake of sleeping in another hour, but I needn't have fretted.  As I was just about to hang up with my sister, I spotted a crumpled-up gray fleece object that had a red "B" on it under a shelf stacked with several pairs of jeans.  No waaaaaaay!  I picked it up, and it turned out to be my object of desire!  The cashier told me she hadn't even seen one before I brought one to her.  I guess she must've started the later shift!

So this is a M.  I normally wear XS, but I highly doubt I'll be able to find that or even find a S.  I like to wear sweatshirts the same way I wore them in college, that is, over T-shirts, so I think I'll do fine with M.

I wasn't able to find any bags, but from what I've read, none of them are made of real leather, so that turns me off a little.  However, if I happen upon one and fall in love with it, I may pick one up to use for traveling or for work.

Edit added on 9/16: I went back to the same Target and found the sweatshirt in a XS in a random cart near the guest services desk!  I grabbed it and hurried to the cashier as if I were trying to get the heck out of Dodge!  Here's the pic of me wearing it:

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