Monday, August 12, 2013

Balenciaga Spree

So for 5 years I've been training in for a specialty certification.  What was required for this certification was hundreds of hours of clinical practice, an essay, an affidavit from someone already certified, a weekend-long workshop, and thousands of dollars.  I sent in my application to the state board and waited 15 weeks, not knowing whether all my hard work and hard-earned dollars would go to waste.  Not only did I have to endure the training and application process, but my crazy-bitch former boss lied to the state board and other managers in our company to prevent me from getting the certification.

You see, back in April, immediately before I sent in the application, I went to the Balenciaga boutique in South Coast Plaza with my friend D.  I saw a few bags I wanted and nearly bought a red Day.  D bought a City and was urging me to get the Day to lessen the blow on her.  I wanted to walk away with the bag, especially since the sales associate, Andres, was so nice.  I resisted temptation and told myself that I'd come back for the Day if I got my certification.  Besides, I really wanted a purple bag.

On August 2, my application was approved and I triumphed!  I immediately thought of my Balenciaga bag, but I didn't have any time to drive to SCP.  So I headed for the West Hollywood boutique and found a dark violet Town.  Soooo gorgeous!  The most perfect shade of purple, but I couldn't buy it without D there.  However, their Spring ready-to-wear was scheduled to clear out, and I wanted a piece of Nicolas Ghesquiere, so after trying on several dresses, I decided on this understatedly sexy one (I "jacked it up" with my Hermes collier de chien):
The next day, I went back with D, who approved my choice, so I was all set to go.  But...while I waited for the sales associate (a very cute and sweet girl named Gigi) to take my bag to the store repair person for a touch of nourishing cream (it was a 2012 bag, so it dried a little--a common thing in LA desert weather, I learned), I spotted this sweater: a basic, but a goody:
So now...the grand finale...the bag, a 2012 dark violet Town:
Here's the bag in natural sunlight (in front of my persimmon tree--which will be ready for picking in a couple of months!):
These bags sure are addictive...but I've gotta be good for at least a little while...but then again, my birthday's coming up soon ;)

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