Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Collection is Now Complete

My Jason Wu for Target frenzy was going strong, 18 days after launch date. 2 nights ago, I was on, searching for the cat tote. I got excited cuz after I activated the "find in store" feature, I saw that one of my local stores had it in "limited stock". I called the store, and the operator said it was an error. I looked at the clock. 8:25 pm. 35 minutes until one of my favorite shows, "Person of Interest", would start. I was in my pajamas. It was possible for me to change into jeans and a T-shirt, drive over there (it was only 10 minutes away), check the store, and drive back in time without missing a minute of my show. My frenzy died right then and there. I knew it did cuz I decided against going. If it was the previous week, I totally would've done it. I decided I wasn't going to buy any more from this collection, and I resolved to a life of going without the cat tote.
I went to 4 Target stores today. I was searching for a strapless bra. This weight loss has been great for me for the most part. Clothes have been pretty easy to find, but bras are another story. I'd given up on the tote, and the 3rd store didn't even carry the JWfT collection (they got the occasional return, though). This was the same store that had the tote in "limited stock" 2 nights ago. The lingerie department was right next to jewelry, so I decided to peek anyway. I saw a couple of canvas items in a random place. One was the JWfT striped tote, and the! It couldn't be! I picked it up. It was!
There was a surge of adrenaline going through my body. It was the same rush I felt on Feb. 5, launch date of the collection, when I ran past stink-eye chick up the stairs. I made a beeline for the register. There was a mother/son duo buying a bunch of stuff in front of me, and they bought their items in 3 separate transactions. They seemed to take forever, and the cashier was super-slow. I didn't want any customers to see me with the tote, so I kept it in my hands until it was my turn to be rung up. My turn came, and I handed the cashier the tote. He scanned the tag. My total came up, and I immediately swiped my debit card. Yay! It's really mine! (Silent) Valley girl scream as I floated back to my car! I was so excited I forgot to look for the bra. I went back, but no such luck. I went to another Target on the way home. No luck. I even went to Wal-Mart. No luck. Who knew a 32C would be so hard to find?!
So now my collection's complete. I am done. I ended my hunting-and-gathering frenzy on a high note. I now have all 3 cat items from JWfT: the tote, scarf, and bag. I also have 2 cute dresses, the poofy black prom dress with the nude belt and the navy floral dress worn by First Lady Michelle Obama (I guess to prove that she's just like us, shopping at Target lol).

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