Monday, October 31, 2011

My 33rd Birthday

Yes, I'm admitting it. I knew it was coming, but I full-on admitted it to myself this morning. But you know what? I don't care. Age really is a number. 33 is still young, and like I told my 27-year-old coworker last week, I feel as if I'm hotter now than I was in my 20s! I feel sorry for any 20-something dreading the big 3-0. Life is soooooooo good right now!

I think now's a good time to reflect on this past year, and I realize I haven't done any lists on my blog yet. So what I'll do next is combine these 2 by making a list that incorporates changes in me and in my life from this past year. In honor of the big 3-3, I'm doing 3 lists, with 11 items each. These are in no particular order. It's just really hard to pick faves.

11 of the Most Special Memories From When I Was 32:
-East Coast Adventure
-my sister's wedding
-Christmas with my family
-Vegas getaway
-stepping on the scale and seeing the needle drop at various times throughout the year
-my parents' anniversary celebration, watching them dance in front of our family and friends
-meeting Brad Goreski with my pals G and J
-hanging with my pals at Happy Hour at various times throughout the year
-putting on clothes that haven't fit in years

11 Lessons I've Learned Along the Way (Most of These Inspired By People I Love):
-Life is time. Waste as little of it as you can.
-If you concentrate on the good stuff, the bad stuff goes away.
-Worrying about something doesn't change it.
-Despite knowing #3, I will worry anyway.
-Miserable people want nothing more than converts to their ways. Don't become one.
-Maturity doesn't always come with age.
-It's OK to like being alone.
-You'll never be able to figure out why anyone else does what they do. Don't bother trying.
-Where you went to school, the subject of your degree, and how much experience you have count for very little. If you can play the politics game well, you'll get far.
-It's OK to be "superficial" and care about the unimportant things, like what shade of lipstick you wear, occasionally.
-Being in shape is a great thing! The sooner, the better.

11 Things I Look Forward to as a 33-Year-Old:
-getting into better shape, now knowing what activities excite me and realizing the importance of being in shape
-paying down more of my student loan debt
-silently telling myself I'm hot more often
-finding Mr. Right, if it's the time and being OK if it isn't
-more precious time with my family and friends
-being less self-conscious
-making new friends
-fun trips
-getting closer to fulfilling my dreams
-wearing my sexy dresses and shoes more often
-cooking more often

Of course, I'm not going to leave you readers hanging. Here are my 3 birthday presents, revealed! These gifts are definitely a scaleback from past years. I really could use a new wallet and a small bag to take to dinner or a party. And the book...well, I just wanted it. They are, from left to right:
Christian Louboutin Suola wallet, small Gucci canvas pochette, Christian Louboutin 20th anniversary retrospective book.

Hello to my newest follower, judyspink!

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