Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sharing the Love

Even after the big showdown on tpf that I had the misfortune of being a part of, I continued to get love from other tpfers. I nearly cried reading the private messages. They ranged from "Sorry for what she said to you" to "Losing you would be a big loss". I got so many virtual hugs. This may sound a little crazy, but it was almost like being hugged for real.

You take a chance when you post something online. Obviously, the risk is bigger when it's say, a risque photo of you with a stripper vs. a Bible quote. However, online is online, open to the public. You never know who'll read your post, and you never know if their buttons are pushed by what you post, even if you have the best of intentions and feel it's as innocent as can be. I know from personal experience. All I wanted to do was inform. I've only been about helping, and with a topic as serious as money, I felt that going bold was the only way to go.

Lucky for me, most people saw it my way. Just goes to show that good intentions and heart do not go unnoticed. I'd like to think we have more lovers than haters, even on tpf, so the lovers know the score. I love the lovers!


Mr Posh Spice said...

Rock on! Continue to be who you are and ALWAYS remember that sincerity and honesty go for the long haul. Hope all is well with you!!!

The Drama Queen said...

Thank you (hugs!)! I'm doing well, and I hope you are, too =)

Anonymous said...

Hah, you only told it like it is about money. I told it like it is in the Damaged Goods forum. Shitstorm ensued. Made a comment about the bonbon and lifetime brigade somewhere else in the forum and got reported to the authorities. Fortunately I'm not in my early 20's and taking shit from chicks is like water off a ducks back. Lots of sensitiveeeeeee people in there. I'm wondering where they live/work. SF/LA/NYC which I would expect for tpf...how can they survive being so sensitve? Must not get out a lot. Anyway, don't let other people mess with you, especially online people. Care what they think, but don't care what they think about you.