Sunday, August 15, 2010

Gaga-Ooh La La

During the afternoon last Thursday, 8/12/10, I got a frantic phone call from my sister. Was I available that night to attend the Lady Gaga concert with her? Of course I was! I hung up with her, sat through a conference call for 1 1/2 hours, then bolted home, as my shift was over at that time. I showered, tried to take a 45-minute nap (it didn't happen-I was too excited), and then it was time to get dressed. I knew what clothes I wanted to wear, just a simple T-shirt and jeans, but what shoes?

I didn't have much time, so I just grabbed what stood out to me: my Christian Louboutin zebra-print ponyhair Tigresse wedge sandals (bought on sale, pictured left)! The bold print just seemed so appropriate for Lady Gaga.

I zipped to my sister's house (after scarfing down a McDonald's happy meal in the car), then off we went to Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles. As we took our seats, we spotted Gwen Stefani sitting not too far from where we sat (my hairdresser, whom I saw yesterday, said a couple of other celebrities were there, too: a soap star and Britney Spears). Fans went crazy even before the show started, especially the ones in "the pit", the standing-room only section right in front of the stage. Honestly, I love Gaga, but I wouldn't get in line hours before the show just to stand for hours more, especially after a long day of work.

Then the show started, and it was fantastic! Nothing less is to be expected from the ultimate performer that Lady Gaga is. She truly loves her fans, and even if you're not one of them, you'd probably agree that she puts on one hell of a show (if you're lucky enough to see one). I can't get into too much detail about it, but needless to say, I was so bummed I left before it was over. I just don't think I would've been able to work the next day if I stayed for the whole show, plus waited an hour to get out of the parking garage.

I did, however, get a couple of souvenirs, which my sister bought for me (I owe her big!):

Lady Gaga "Monster Ball Tour" T-shirt and program

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